Facility Services

Leaders In Facility Repair and Maintenance Solutions 

Iron Horse Mechanical provides a one-stop solution for all of your heating, cooling, refrigeration, restaurant equipment, plumbing and electrical repairs and maintenance requirements. 24/7 emergency service is available within 4 hours or less from a request, anywhere in our vast operating area.

Commercial HVAC 
Heating and cooling repairs are performed on all makes and models of equipment. We service small to large rooftop package units, split systems, heat pumps, furnaces (all types), chillers, boilers, VAV systems, electric heaters, control systems and more.

Commercial Refrigeration and Restaurant Equipment (Hot and Cold Side)
We service all makes and models of commercial refrigeration equipment including drinking fountains, coolers, ice boxes, freezers, and specialty machines. This includes all types of Freon systems. Restaurant equipment serviced includes all types of commercial cooking, countertop and food preparation equipment. All are serviced by highly experienced technicians.

Commercial Plumbing
From drain cleanouts to broken toilets, we do it all—big or small repairs. Our plumbers carry the latest tools and equipment needed to get the job done fast. Typical response time is same day.

Commercial Electrical
Call us for all your electrical repair needs. We offer prompt service to repair lighting, short circuits, overloads, electric panels, outlets, and more. Iron Horse also provides solutions to help make your building operate more efficiently.

Scheduled Maintenance Service
Scheduled maintenance is an excellent way to keep your facility running smoothly and help avoid costly repairs. Our maintenance programs are reasonably priced and can be structured to meet your budget.

Emergency Heating, Cooling and Power Generation
Most businesses depend on having uninterrupted power, as well as operational heating and cooling equipment. Some, including medical facilities, are mission critical, yet parts or replacement equipment often have long lead-times.   To help bridge this gap, Iron Horse offers portable generators and HVAC equipment from 1 to 40 tons. Depending on the complexity of the project, we can often quote, deliver, and install a turnkey solution within one day.

Energy-Saving Solutions
Iron Horse Mechanical offers innovative energy-saving thermostats, lighting controls, and load control devices that help facility managers conserve energy dollars and lower maintenance costs.

With convenient locations and fast service from Maryland to South Carolina, it’s easy to see why Iron Horse Mechanical is the vendor of choice for facility managers.

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